runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Review

Our Walt Disney World Road Signs costumes for the 2017 Wine and Dine Half Marathon!

For the second half of the Two Course Challenge, runners must complete the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon!  This is after they have already completed the Wine and Dine 10K.  Since this is only the second year with a 10K for the weekend and a daytime Half Marathon, there are of course some kinks to work out.

Running through Dinoland USA during the 2017 Wine and Dine Half Marathon!


Wine and Dine Half Marathon Course

Just like for the 10K the day prior, the course was dark in many area.  Luckily with Daylight Savings Time, it was a good brightness for our theme park time!  The course was almost identical to the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Course.  Parking was at EPCOT and runners were transported by bus to the Ticket and Transportation Center (Magic Kingdom Parking Lot).  Runners then continued on to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, around some roads to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and then through the Beach and Yacht Club Resort area to finish at EPCOT.

Running around the World… Showcase that is! During the 2017 Wine and Dine Half Marathon!

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Characters

runDisney continued to impress with the Characters for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  Runners were pleased to see Tinkerbell and her Pixie Friends, Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbosa, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  There was also characters you can regularly meet like King Louie, Rafiki, Pluto, and the Country Bears.  Katie’s favorite character was the Mary Poppins Penguins and Spencer was thrilled to see characters from the Adventurer’s Club (Pleasure Island memories!).

Adventurer’s Club characters during the 2017 Wine and Dine Half Marathon!

Running Through Walt Disney World

Obviously the main perk to run a runDisney Half Marathon is venturing through the Walt Disney World Theme Parks before they are open to guests for the day.  For the first time ever, the Wine and Dine Half Marathon took runners through AVATAR: The World of Pandora!  While we have visited there before, it was wonderful to enjoy the land in a much less crowded setting.

Sunset Boulevard all decked out for Christmas during the 2017 Wine and Dine Half Marathon!

runDisney Finish Line

When Mickey cheers you through your last 10th of a mile, it is a truly special experience.  With bleachers full of cheering supporters and Race Announcers with tons of energy, a runDisney Finish Line is the place to be!  For this race there were loads of volunteers to hand out medals and plenty of medial volunteers ready to assist in any scenario.  Obtaining Challenge Medals and snack boxes was a breeze as well.  Our only complaint is the complicated chute to leave the finish area, which we understand is for security!

We do it for the bling! Both the 2017 Wine and Dine Half Marathon and Two Course Challenge medals!


Overall, we were pleased with the Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  We have already started planning for 2018 and intend to run the Two Course Challenge again.  If we could change anything about the race it would be to offer the After Party earlier.  For the second year in a row, we have slept through the party!  Let us know in the comments if we will see you in 2018!


runDisney Wine and Dine 10K Review

Our Bob’s Barricades costumes for the 2017 Wine and Dine 10k!

We returned again for the second running of the Wine and Dine Two Course Challenge, starting with the runDisney Wine and Dine 10K.  The 10K race is a great warm up for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon!  Our costumes were themed as Bob’s Barricades, the cones that TYPICALLY line the runDisney race courses… Except this year they used Acme Barricades!  What a bummer!

runDisney Expo

First, it is important to note that any runDisney Expo is open to anyone!  This means even if you are not running, you can visit the Expo at Wide World of Sports and shop for great running gear!  This year, runDisney finally got the memo that it was way too crowded and split the runDisney race specific merchandise away from the Expo into it’s own floor.  This was WAY better and allowed for more room to shop and eliminated the need to a queue line to get into the small shopping area.


Wine and Dine 10K Course

Before the race, Rudy (runDisney announcer) kept mentioning the course would be dark and to watch your footing for safety.  Wow, was this an understatement!  The course was almost pitch black the entire time.  While there were some lights positioned around the course for safety, many times the lights would blind you or cause extreme changes from light to dark in different sections.  PhotoPass lights made the course especially challenging, but at least we got some good shots!

The first half of the course was down World Drive from the Ticket and Transportation Center at Magic Kingdom heading towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This was kind of dull and lackluster.  The second half of the course took place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and then the tight walkway along the waterway into EPCOT!  While it was a short time in each park, we still love running through the parks.

Wine and Dine 10K Characters

runDisney finally got the memo from runDisney France and brought out some more rare characters!  This race featured the Three Little Pigs, Kenai and Koda from Brother Bear, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Tourist Genie!  The only downside was that these character experiences were all very close together, in mostly the second half of the course.  We didn’t stop this time because the lines were outrageous, but we had fun running by each of the characters!

runDisney Finish Line

The Finish Line has to be our favorite part of any race… for obvious reasons!  We love the fanfare from runDisney and appreciate the race announcers taking the time to address everyone’s accomplishment.  For the Wine and Dine 10K, the Finish Line was well organized with loads of volunteers distributing medals and snack boxes.  The only issue seemed to be longer than normal lines for the PhotoPass Medal Photos so we opted to skip them.

Medal photo from the Wine and Dine 10k!

Overall Review

Overall, we have to say if this was our only race for the weekend we would be left wanting more.  If you are considering this race for 2018, we recommend only completing it as part of the Two Course Challenge or considering the 5K option.  For less money and more park time, you could complete only 3.1 miles!  Next year, we will be back at the Two Course Challenge!


Top 5 Running Couples Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, we keep getting asked what our favorite costume is!  Since we can never pick just one, here are our Top 5 Favorite Running Couples Costumes!

5. Olaf and Elsa Costume

While Elsa may be famous for not needing a man, lets be real – she needs a little Olaf in her life.  Olaf and Elsa are the perfect version of “opposites attract”!  Katie is also a huge Frozen fan so of course this makes our Top 5!

Summer Olaf and Frozen Fever Elsa Costume

4. Ewok and Chewbacca Costume

As much as Katie likes Frozen, Spencer loves Star Wars.  While the amount of Star Wars costumes we can create are seemingly endless, this one is classic and adorable.  Katie likes it because Ewoks are adorable and Spencer still got to be a tough but lovable Chewbacca.

Ewok and Chewbacca Star Wars Costume

3. Pooh and Tigger Costume

Speaking of classics, this is one of the ultimate couple or friend costumes.  We like the idea of expanding this to be a group costume too adding in Piglet, Eeyore, and even Christoper Robin!

Pooh and Tigger Costume

2. Haunted Mansion Maid and Butler Costume

For true Disney Fans, this is a great option for anyone who needs to make couples costumes!  The best part is if you don’t want to make your own, like we did, there are plenty of options to buy pieces!  Disney sells so much Haunted Mansion merchandise you could create an entire costume.

Haunted Mansion Costumes

1. Dreamfinder and Figment Costume

Was there any doubt who would be #1 on our list?  Our absolute favorite duo – Figment and Dreamfinder.  Of course they are the reason we fell in love and will be our favorites forever.

Dreamfinder and Figment Costume

So what will you be for your next race?  Let us know in the comments!

runDisney 2018 Disneyland Races Cancelled

runDisney cancels popular Disneyland races!

Breaking news from the runDisney officials today!  runDisney has decided to place all Disneyland California races on a hiatus – officially cancelling the four races scheduled to take place in 2018.  This includes the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon, the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, and the Super Heroes Half Marathon.

The decision was based around Disneylands heavy upcoming construction schedule.  With less room to shift courses, it seems they had no choice.  We are super sad to hear these races are gone for the foreseeable future. As many of you know, we completed all 3 Coast to Coast Challenges earlier this year.  We can only keep our fingers crossed that these races will return as soon as possible.

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Visit the Official runDisney Blog for more details.

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon Review

We ventured out father west for this race and we were pretty spoiled to have only one race to run for the weekend.  We kept it short though and flew in and out of the city in less than 48 hours!  The real highlight for this race was how close it was to the airport.  We didn’t even have to rent a car!  The race was fantastic with plenty of amenities, but a city that’s almost entirely closed on the weekend left us wanting a little more.

Scheel’s Fitness Expo

After doing some smaller races recently, it was a nice change of pace to see a big expo.  While they can’t rival a runDisney expo, it was full of great vendors with giveaways and items to purchase.  We think this is a huge perk for a race because it’s a great chance to grab forgotten items or find a great deal.  The expo was close to the starting line for the next day and pre-race packet pickup was “mandatory”.

Our favorite part of the expo?  The meet and greet with the pacers!  We thought it was a really cute idea and they even had bios printed up for each runner.  The only downside was we didn’t have a pacer even remotely close to our pace for the Half Marathon.  The pacers stopped at 2:30 and we were planning a 3:15 pace.  We were really surprised they omitted a 3:00 pacer since this is a great race for beginners.  With the course and time coinciding with the Full Marathon, runners essentially have 7 hours to complete the Half.

Plenty of race specific merch for the IMT Des Moines Half and Full Marathon!

Finding the Start Line

The course was new this year!  From what we could see, it was structurally very similar with a big shift to have the Start and Finish line in the main downtown district.  Not being from the area, we actually had a hard time finding the Start Line and wandered downtown for a few extra minutes in the morning.  There was no publication of an address to plug into a GPS or even locate on a map.  We also struggled to find Gear Check.  Even on the morning of the race the website read “Gear Check location will be updated soon.”

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon Course

The Half Marathon and the Marathon started at the same time.  There were thousands of runners and everyone was self-seated and there were no waves.  This did cause some heavy congestion at the start with the pre-race shuffle to the actual start.  The course thinned out around Mile 3 when the Marathon runners split off and went to add some mileage before joining back up later.

From there, runners did what we like to call a giant balloon pattern.  This is a big there and back with a loop at the end.  While the loop is obviously a nice touch, the there and back left a little to be desired.  The course itself didn’t have that many things to look at, but that was made up for with tons of water stops and entertainment.

After one balloon, we merged with the Marathon and ran over to a second balloon!  This one was smaller and even crossed a cool bridge over a lake.  Katie hates bridges so maybe this wasn’t the most ideal.  This part of the course was narrower and we were thankful we had separated from the big groups of runners.  From there, we ran straight back into downtown and finished back where we started!

Plenty of scenery along the IMT Des Moines Half and Full Marathon Course!

Downtown Des Moines After Party

One of the biggest highlights of this race is the large after party (seriously everyone asked us if we were staying for it).  We were a little underwhelmed.  After grabbing our medals and posing for a quick $25 photo, we wandered off to find gear check.  We passed some cookies, peanut butter, and bananas (and then went back for more cookies).  After throwing on some jackets, there were no mylars being passed out, we did locate the Sam Adams 26.2 DSM Brew!  This was a fantastic light beer – perfect for after a long run.

Apparently, we missed chips and queso, pancakes, and other goodies!  We are super bummed we couldn’t find them!  The after party was stretched through different blocks and there were no signs to navigate.  We drowned our sorrows in Egg Nog Lattes and Jazz Music at Java Joe’s!

A couple of the vendors at the after party of the IMT Des Moines Half and Full Marathon.

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon Swag

If you’re like us, you have a closet full of race shirts… plus a bag… and maybe some even shoved behind other shirts in a drawer.  A lightweight quarter-zip is a welcome change!!!  This is especially useful in Florida where it barely gets cold enough for a real jacket.  This is going to be a heavily used item for airplane rides, evening walks, and rainy days.  Also, they made the Half and Full jackets different colors with different logos.  We appreciate the difference.

The IMT Des Moines Half swag! Quarter zip and finisher medal.

Overall Review

If you are completing your own 50 State Challenge, we think you should definitely run the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon.  There is amazing support and an easy time limit for beginning runners.  The swag and perks are great too.  Our only disappointment was there was absolutely nothing to do the day prior and after the race.  Everything in the city closes on the weekends and we were pretty amazed the tourism board (a sponsor of the race) didn’t encourage more businesses to open.  Lucky for us, we did find a few bars so we passed the time with drinks!

Amica Newport Half Marathon Review


For the second half of our back to back weekend, we went to Rhode Island for the Amica Newport Half Marathon.  After the hills from the Vintage Runs Half Marathon, we were pretty beat.  Panic might have been setting in a little on the parking shuttle when other runners were talking about the hills.  We were so thankful there were just some normal rolling hills and the course was incredible.  The highlights of this course were of course the spectacular views, the course support, and an amazing crew of runners!

Unfortunately, due to time restraints, we were unable to review the Expo the day prior.

Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality in Rhode Island.. We decided to take this theme to heart in our costumes for the Amica Newport Half Marathon!

Amica Newport Half Course

The race does coincide with a Marathon, so you are with the Marathon runners as they complete their first 13.1.  It is important to note, that many agree the second half of the course is rougher with more hills for those of you brave enough for the Full!  The course begins through the quaint little shops of Newport, Rhode Island and then weaves around for a bit until you get to the real high point of the race about halfway through.  The course runs right along the ocean and you are in for some amazing scenery.  It was super windy when we came through, so we also had the benefit of waves crashing right up to us!

Our favorite part was the course support!  This race boasted plentiful water stops and boy was that right.  There was an aide stop at Miles 2, 4, 6, 7.5, 9, and 11.  We really loved how they made the odd to even transition without leaving a nasty gap.  They were also each themed with really motivated volunteers.  Mile 9 even had bananas!

Runners around us didn’t love the two small there and back sections around Mile 11.  We can see them being annoying, but seriously compared to other races it wasn’t terrible.  Our big complaint was how our watches were WAY off by the end.  Of course we know to leave room for error and we understand that we will rarely hit 13.1 exactly.  Our watches clocked in at 13.33 and it was somewhere around Mile 6 that each point seemed to be longer and longer away from our watch.

Panoramic view of mile 6 of the Amica Newport Half Marathon. Absolutely stunning views along the course.

Post Race

The finish line area was set up very well with barricades and volunteers to ensure you went in the right direction.  The volunteers were also doing a great job of handing out the correct medals to runners since both races finished in the same chute.  We then went over to the rotunda where packet pickup was and Spencer was thrilled to find out the small Lobster Roll snack shack was open!  Even though they weren’t included in our race, it was a HUGE perk to find them at the end!!

Katie showing off her FIFTEENTH half marathon medal! Spencer is showing off his lobster roll!

Amica Newport Half Swag

Even though we were told we wouldn’t be able to get our shirts and goody bag until after the race, since we were utilizing pick-up the morning of, they gave them to everyone anyway.  The shirts are a nice tech material with a cute logo on the front.  The front does only say “Newport Marathon” though.  Since we didn’t run the full 26.2, it doesn’t feel fair to the runners who did if we wear that shirt.  We will probably save them for training runs.

The goody bag had some nice promotional items in it like drinks, snacks, and even a coupon for Hello Fresh (hello no meal planning!).  There were also a good amount of coupons for local boutiques, which we unfortunately did not get to use.

The crowning jewel of this race was absolutely the medal.  First, we love what the pineapple represents in Rhode Island and we think it is a perfect memory from this race.  It is also a really nice and detailed medal which we are super excited to get home and display.  We only wish we had gotten to wear them longer.

The official photo of the medals from the Amica Newport Half and Full!


Even though there wasn’t much to report about the Amica Newport Half Marathon, that is actually a good thing.  This race was amazing, well organized, and super fun.  We think it is a MUST DO!  If you are picking a Rhode Island race, we 100% recommend and back the Amica Newport Half Marathon.  We also recommend checking out Grey Matter Events for some of their other shorter distances in the area too.



Vintage Run at Bethel Woods Half Marathon 2017 Review

We signed up for this race well in advance as part of a back to back weekend with the Amica Newport Half Marathon in Rhode Island.  This is the second year for this race and we were excited for a race themed around Woodstock and Wine.  Beautiful scenery was also promised – and this race did not disappoint.  The race does also have a 5K and hosts about 400 runners total.

Woodstock inspired costumes for the Vintage Run at Bethel Woods!

Pre-Race Communication

For a smaller race, there was plentiful pre-race communication and a Race Director that was easy to email and quick to answer questions.  There was some confusion, not just from us, about the start times for the race.  There was a walker start at 8:30, an early start at 9:30, and the official start at 10:00.  Knowing we would be slowing down for hills and saving energy for Sunday, we asked to switch to the walker start.  There was some concern about us taking away awards from the walkers.  We of course agreed to forfeit any awards (spoiler alert: we wouldn’t have won any anyway).

We would recommend to anyone over a 3-hour Half Marathon to seriously consider starting as early as possible.  Our final time was over 30 minutes slower than normal and we were seriously so thankful to be able to start early and have time on the course without stressing.  Also, there was the added bonus of reaching the single Port-A-Potty before anyone else!

The course goes around Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, which holds the original grounds for Woodstock!

Vintage Runs at Bethel Woods Course

The race website boasts “enough hills to keep you honest and some downhill to get you to the wine faster”.  This could be qualified as one of the greatest understatements of all time.  We estimated that less than a mile and a half of the course was flat.  These weren’t just rolling hills either – these were the kind of hills that decent runners still walk up and clutch their sides for stability.  The downhills were no joke too, we even slipped on a steep gravel path!

The only perk to these hills were the breathtaking views from the top.  The fall foliage was at its peak and we were surrounded by greens, reds, and yellows!  Coming from Florida, seeing a beautiful fall is an amazing perk.  The low 70s temperature added to the ambiance and we were thankful for that.

There was one snafu with the course (luckily resolved before the majority of runners arrived).  We left the start line with about 8 other runners and went straight.  We reached a fork in the road where a man was placing a directional sign for the later 5K.  Another runner yelled out to him to ensure we were not supposed to follow that sign.  He informed us to continue straight.

We passed where Mile 1 should’ve been and shortly after a car came up behind us and informed us we had gone the wrong direction.  We were told to wait and the race director grabbed the two runners in front of us and then looped back for us.  She then drove us over a mile away to where we should have been.  We convinced her to drop us at the top of the hill and headed off again!

The views on the course are beautiful, but be prepared to work to see them!

After Party and Bethel Woods Wine Festival

This race was on the lower price range, with prices ranging from $50-60 based on when you sign up.  The huge benefit was receiving a ticket to the Wine Festival and Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Museum.  Those tickets were valued at $25 and $15, respectively.  If you factor that in, your race was no more than the price of a good pair of socks.

Outback Steakhouse was serving burgers at the finish line, but we passed that up to head quickly into the museum.  We were able to grab a coffee and walk through an amazing Woodstock Exhibit.  This is somewhere to put on your must-do list if you are ever in East New York!  The Wine Festival was also very nice, we received a Bethel Woods wine glass and were able to visit a variety of booths for tastings.  This was extremely well attended.  Since we entered for free, we didn’t feel too bad about leaving quickly to get back on the road.

The museum at Bethel Woods was incredible and highly interactive.

Vintage Runs Swag

Small races can be really hit or miss with their swag.  With a lack of sponsors and a small budget, we are often left wanting more.  That was not the case here.  We were really overjoyed for our medal and shirt for this race since they were both homemade.  The shirts were individually tie-dyed and the medals were hand-cut from wood.  We also got a really sweet 13.1 wine glass charm!  These items are really representative of the race and will look great on the medal rack.

Very cool hand-cut wood medals!


We would absolutely recommend this race to anyone with one caveat.  You MUST have substantial hill training before you attempt this race.  The value was remarkable, the views were breathtaking, and the after party at the wine festival was the best we’ve ever experienced.  Put this race on your calendar for October 2019!


Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Review

The Castle photos from the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon came out perfect!

It is still crazy to think we flew all the way to France to run!  The Disneyland Paris Half Marathon along with the Disneyland Paris 10K made up a fantastic weekend and the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Challenge.  With a finish line in the park, great characters, and beautiful views – what’s not to love?!

2018 Update: It looks like they will be offering a 31K Challenge and a 36K Challenge to include the 5K!


Main Street USA during the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon

The course could be divided up into three parts: the first 10K in the parks, the next 5K around the nearby town, and the last 5K through the Hotels and Disney Village area.  All leading up to a finish line in Walt Disney Studios!

Having a huge chunk of the race inside the parks in the beginning is a great perk.  Doing a runDisney race is a unique experience because of the park time.  We like that part because of the amazing Cast Member cheer squads by each attraction!

Our least favorite part was the next 5K. Even though the views were spectacular around the lake and through the town, a portion of the race was on a rough dirt path.  It was nice to see residents and locals out cheering for the race!

The course then finished up through the Hotel area and the Disney Village Shopping Area.  It was nice to take a moment to see the other Hotels and pass right next to our room at the Hotel Santa Fe.

Characters and Entertainment

Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed – The Hyenas from The Lion King on the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Course!

How many times can we say that runDisney France has the best character encounters of any race?!  Even for the Half Marathon we saw rare characters and waited in next to no line to meet Jack Sparrow!  It was incredible to race through the parks and wonder which character awaited us next.

There was also a nice variety of entertainment outside of the parks including break dancers, a band, and even a DJ!  The amount of entertainment, characters, and things to see made the race go by really quickly.  There didn’t seem to be a dull portion to the course at all.


Captain Jack Sparrow on the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Course

Let’s talk about the important things… the free things.  Well, are they free if you’re really paying for them?  First and foremost the medals were stunning.  There is something truly breathtaking about receiving a medal that represents running a series in two different countries!  Even the 31K Challenge medal had a spinner and the Half Marathon medal was bejeweled.

Even though we sized up on shirts, Katie still found hers was too tight in comparison to the US shirts (which are small to begin with).  The challenge shirt at least had more spandex and was a slightly better fit.

Overall Review

It was great having a PhotoPass photographer right after the finish line!

When the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon first occurred in 2016, we promised each other we would attempt to run the Inaugural Challenge.  Lucky for us, that happened in 2017 and we found amazing flight deals.  We figured this would be a once in a lifetime race for us.  After an amazing weekend, we really want to go back for 2018 and we think you should too!

Disneyland Paris 10K Review

Amazing photos in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle during the Disneyland Paris 10k

Right off the bat we need to mention this was absolutely the best Disney 10K (maybe even race) we have ever run!  The course was almost entirely in the park, the character stops were incredible, and the course support was solid.  If you are looking at running the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon, you need to run the 10K to complete the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo Challenge!

2018 Update: It looks like they will be offering a 31K Challenge and a 36K Challenge to include the 5K!


The Disneyland Paris 10k course runs through both parks!

Disneyland Paris has the benefit of having both parks very close to each other.  This meant the entire 10K was on property, but even more incredible was how much time was actually inside the parks.  For the first time in runDisney history, the finish line was inside the park as well!  It was an amazing feeling to run across the finish line in Walt Disney Studios surrounded by characters!


Stitch and Angel were a few of the rare characters during the Disneyland Paris 10k!

A huge perk of running a runDisney race is seeing characters that you may not often see inside the park.  This was probably the biggest highlight at this race.  It felt like around every corner there was a new character, most of which we had never seen before.  The character lines moved relatively quickly too and PhotoPass was there to capture the moment!


Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit on the Disneyland Paris 10k course

With a variety of great sponsors, on course support was solid and well spaced out.  There was plenty of water spaced throughout the course.  Like most Disney races, the in park bathrooms were also open and available to use.  We’d be lying if we said we didn’t love that feature.


Pro Tip: The PhotoPass at the Expo area was still open after the race and had MUCH shorter lines!

Luckily, we were tipped off about European sizes being a bit smaller than American sizes.  We did size up one size for our race shirts.  Spencer thinks one size up in a men’s shirt is fine, while Katie feels little like a stuffed sausage in hers.  Maybe try going up two sizes or switch for a looser cut men’s shirt.  The merchandise improved for 2017 and we each got an additional tech shirt at the store!  We also took advantage of pre-ordering the medal pins.


Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend Vlogs

Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend 2017 Vlogs

We are so excited to present our race reviews and recaps from the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon and 10k! Check out the videos on YouTube below and don’t forget to subscribe for more content!

Disneyland Paris 10k:


Disneyland Paris Half Marathon: